Why Let Scoliosis Limit Expectations for Yourself?

sfsc-coughlin-lee scoliosisDoes dealing with scoliosis add limitations on what you believe you can achieve? Well, don’t let scoliosis set the bar for your expectations of yourself!

You are not alone on your journey with scoliosis.  Approximately 6 million people in the US suffer from scoliosis.

Included in that 6 million dealing with scoliosis are Olympic Swimmer Natalie Coughlin and Professional Pool Player Jeanette Lee.

Olympic Swimmer Natalie Coughlin wasn’t diagnosed with scoliosis until she was 30 years old.  When she first got an x-ray, her curve was 27°, and she was shocked at the sight of her spine. Coughlin proves you can accomplish incredible things despite scoliosis.

  • She became the first female U.S. Olympian to have won six medals in all six events, including an event she didn’t even train for.
  • She is also tied for the most all-time medals by a female swimmer along side two other Olympians.

Coughlin plans to continue pursuing her goals by attending the 2016 Games in Rio.  In preparation for the 2016 Games, Coughlin is training at UC Berkeley along side the men.  The scoliosis diagnosis has not slowed Coughlin down in the slightest.  She knows what she needs to do to achieve her goals and is not letting her scoliosis diagnosis stop her from accomplishing those goals.

Professional Pool Player Jeanette Lee was diagnosed earlier than Coughlin at the age of 13.  In hopes of alleviating the progression of the curve, Lee had scoliosis surgery.  Although the surgery was thought to be a success, Lee still dealt with the effects of scoliosis.  Around the time Lee was in college, she was introduced to the game of pool.  She immediately began pursuing her new found passion, and was often playing 20+ hours at a time.  Unfortunately, the metal rods placed in her back during her scoliosis surgery were causing Lee excessive pain.  Even though it appeared her consistent practicing was aggravating her scoliosis, Lee continued to pursue her dreams.  Her strength and drive led her to incredible achievements.

  • She became a professional pool player at the age of 21.
  • In her first year, Lee was ranked within the top ten in the Women’s Professional Billiards Association, and not long after she became the #1 ranked woman pool player in the world.
  • Lee has had countless victories throughout her career, while also acquiring tournament titles and even a gold medal in the 2001 World Games.

Through all this success, “The Black Widow,” as Lee came to be known, has still dealt with pain due to her scoliosis and has undergone several other surgeries.  Lee has not let the obstacle of scoliosis stop her from reaching her full potential.

Each of these women have not allowed scoliosis to hold them back from accomplishing their amazing feats.  If you feel like scoliosis is preventing you from reaching your dreams, think of these two strong women and know that you can accomplish anything you want. New technology and better methods are available to stop the progression of the scoliotic curve and make life with scoliosis possible.  Take a step towards your goals by understanding that scoliosis is just a part of your journey and not an end to it.


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