Intensive Care Treatment

Based on the Scoliosis Treatment method by Clear™, Intensive Care Scoliosis Treatment takes this already ground breaking blend of techniques and therapies to the next level.

Developed to reduce and/or correct scoliosis in all ages without the use of bracing or surgery, Intensive Care Scoliosis Treatment was specifically created to meet the needs of scoliosis patients who reside far from doctor’s certified in these protocols.

In the comfortable setting of South Florida Scoliosis Center treatments are more rigorous and performed over a shorter amount of time.

Intensive Care Scoliosis Treatment Steps:

X-rays are taken before and after treatment to track the amount of correction achieved during the Intensive Care session

Scoliosis patients are taken through a two week treatment plan with workouts happening two times a day

At the end of the Intensive Care sessions, the patient then returns home with an in home scoliosis rehabilitation program

A follow up visit is recommended after 90-120 days of in home rehab for evaluation

Intensive Care allows a scoliosis patient to receive CLEAR™ Scoliosis Treatment regardless of where they currently live.

South Florida Scoliosis Center is currently, one of only 16 CLEAR certified Intensive Scoliosis Care Treatment Clinics in the world. We have had the pleasure of working with patients from all over the globe from places as near and far as Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Dubai, Honduras, Mexico, Russia, The Bahamas and Trinidad.

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