Scoliosis Treatment Programs

At South Florida Scoliosis Center our mission is to help people with scoliosis committed to taking control of their health – changing their lives forever by providing a unique non-bracing, non-surgical, effective solution for Scoliosis.

Using protocols developed by Clear Institute, certified physicians at South Florida Scoliosis Center can now offer patients a safer non-invasive method of treating scoliosis that will not only minimize a scoliosis curve, but when diagnosed and treated in its early stages, correct the curve in it’s entirety!

Using specialized rehabilitation equipment, bio-vibration protocols and a series of exercises we can customize treatment to correct your, or your child’s, scoliosis curve.

Intensive Care Treatment Program

Rigorous Treatment program designed specifically for patients who are geographically challenged. If you live far from SFSC this treatment program may be for you.

Teen Curves Camp

For our younger scoliosis patients a 1-2 week treatment program. 1 week program recommended for curves below 25° and 2 week treatment program recommended for those above 25° . If your child has been recently diagnosed this program may be for you.

Adult Scoliosis Treatment Program

Scoliosis curves can cause pain in older adults and limit overall mobility. If you would like to reduce scoliosis pain and improve your overall mobility this treatment program may be for you.

Scoliosis Boot Camp Program

Another rigorous Treatment program designed for adult patients with curves greater than 25° who wish to continue an active lifestyle. No time to be hindered by scoliosis? This treatment program may be for you.

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