Thankful for Better Options – Say NO to Bracing and Surgery!

Thankful for Better Options – Say NO to Bracing and Surgery!Imagine taking your healthy teenage child for his or her annual check up, only to leave with a diagnosis of Scoliosis… Now what?

Depending on the severity of your child’s scoliosis curve we’re guessing you heard one of the following:

A – “Let’s wait and see if it progresses…”

B – You were referred to a specialist to get your child fitted for a brace that he or she would have to wear for 23 hours a day in the hopes that it will minimize, or stop the progression of the curve or

C – You were referred to an orthopedic surgeon to discuss surgical options in which your child would have a rod fused to his or her spine, again, in the hopes that this procedure would minimize or correct the existing curve.

I’m sure you were thinking…

“What??? Are those truly my only options?”

Thankfully, not anymore.

Using protocols developed by Clear Institute, certified physicians at South Florida Scoliosis Center can now offer patients a safer non-invasive method of treating scoliosis that will not only minimize your child’s scoliosis curve, but when diagnosed and treated in its early stages, correct the curve in it’s entirety!

Using specialized rehabilitation equipment, bio-vibration protocols and a series of exercises we can customize treatment to correct your, or your child’s, scoliosis curve.

At South Florida Scoliosis Center we are continuously improving and developing our methods of treatment to provide our patients better alternatives for curves of all degrees.