This Year 3,000,000 Children Will Be Diagnosed with Scoliosis

What to do in the event of a positive diagnosis

According to Johns Hopkins University, 3 million children between the ages of 10 and 12 will be diagnosed with Scoliosis this year. Children at middle schools across the country will be screened for scoliosis – If your child returns from school with a positive diagnosis or even mentions back pain, don’t panic!

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine and not uncommon in children. Viewed from an X-ray, Scoliosis curves might look like an “S”, or a “C” shape depending on the particular case. Scoliosis can result in a reduced range of motion, cardiovascular problems, and pain from inflammation or spasms.

Research has proven, it is easier to lower the degree of the curve while the curve is small and the child is young. Before your child hits puberty and his or her growth plates are locked in place is the ideal time for treatment. With the school year in full swing, as well as sports, activities, and summer vacation coming along, the goal is to keep our children healthy. As parents and partners, at South Florida Scoliosis Center we make sure the solutions for Scoliosis are easy and available to all!

Following are our various Scoliosis Treatment Programs designed for Children and Teens:

  • Teen Curves Camp: a 5-10 day summer camp where kids encourage one another as they straighten their spines using state-of-the-art equipment. Goals of this individually customized physical therapy are to provide pre-emptive treatment for curves below 25 degrees, reduce curves below 25 degrees, and provide a long-term plan for your child’s scoliosis treatment. We also have treatment and intensive care treatment for children and teens during convenient after school hours.
  • Intensive Care Scoliosis Treatment for children and teens: developed to reduce and/or correct Scoliosis in all ages without the use of bracing or surgery. Patients perform a two-week treatment plan tracked by x-rays taken before and after the treatment. Following the two weeks patients return home with an in-home rehabilitation program.
  • Scoliosis treatment for children and teens: a comprehensive program, including x-rays, a variety of customized physical therapies, follow-ups, and at-home participation. After initial x-rays, we begin physical therapy, make chiropractic adjustments, and then “set” the spine in its corrected position. We follow-up with our patients, performing post-treatment x-rays and tracking at-home therapies.

At South Florida Scoliosis Center we continuously develop our treatment programs to encompass minor curves below 25 degrees to severe curves above 40 degrees. We will assess your teen’s probabilities for scoliosis progression, provide a long-term plan for treatment, and reduce and/or eliminate curves all together. From moderate instances that are easier to manage to severe cases where pain is present, we have reliable treatments prepared to help your child overcome Scoliosis. In the event that your child is one of the 3 million children diagnosed with Scoliosis this year, we are here to help you keep them healthy.

South Florida Scoliosis Center is the only CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Center in the South Florida area in addition to being one in only 18 worldwide clinics to offer Intensive Care Scoliosis Treatment. South Florida Scoliosis Center draws patients from the entire state as well as from countries abroad.

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