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Multiple Treatment Options!

We have a variety of customizable Scoliosis Treatment programs to offer. Teen curves, Adult Scoliosis, Intensive Scoliosis and Scoliosis Boot Camp programs.

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Intensive Care

Don’t let distance stop you! Our comprehensive treatment program is designed for scoliosis patients of all ages residing far from SFSC… read more

Adult Scoliosis

Adult Scoliosis can be painful. Our ground breaking therapies will help you manage your pain and regain your mobility… read more

Teen Curves Camp

Offer your child a pre-emptive approach to treating scoliosis in a fun and relaxed atmosphere surrounded by peers… read more

Scoliosis Boot Camp

Don’t have time to be slowed down by Scoliosis? Scoliosis Boot Camp is for you! Rigorous and Intensive so you don’t have to stop… read more

South Florida Scoliosis Center is currently, one of only 16 CLEAR certified Intensive Scoliosis Care Treatment Clinics in the world. We have had the pleasure of working with patients from all over the globe from places as near and far as Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Dubai, Honduras, Mexico, Russia, The Bahamas and Trinidad.


This is the best treatment and alternative to a back operation for scoliosis I’ve ever come across. I have had scoliosis since childhood, and noticed that as I’ve aged the scoliosis pain had become acute. So painful that after using my right arm for a few hours during routine household chores and painting at my easel that I had to lie down on my bed or lie in a bath of hot water to try and ease the pain. Many times I would burst into tears because the pain was so powerful. I found this wonderful clinic by pure chance on the web, while searching for relief during a painful episode – or maybe not by chance – I’m thankful everyday for the wonderful and caring staff I encounter there during every visit. I wish this had been available when I was little. I’m more than happy with the results. And no more pain! Thank you for being there

Marilyn W.

After being diagnosed with scoliosis in my 60s, I was given only one option by several orthopedic physicians: i.e. surgery. I read about the work that Dr. Greaux has done with scoliosis and was interested in any alternative to surgery.

I am so very impressed with Dr. Greaux’ expert approach and demeanor. When I express that I am in pain, he goes to extreme measures to try new techniques. He is always positive, forward-looking, and professional. I have more trust in his expertise then in any physician I have gone to.

It is a pleasure to enter the office. The entire staff are always extremely friendly, caring, and accommodating, they are knowledgeable about scoliosis and very capable of implementing specified individualized programs. Lisa, as office manager, is always warm, and communicates with all the patients.

I cannot imagine a more professional, expert, caring atmosphere in a health office setting.

Marelise L.

Dr. Greaux, you’re an Angel I don’t understand how I’ve traveled all around the world and didn’t know about you and then I have to travel half way across the world for this treatment.. I would do it 100 times over. It was an amazing experience.


Dr. Greaux has had a huge impact on my entire family’s life.  I have always suffered from neck pain, back pain,
sleep issues and other residual pains from scoliosis.  I lead a very active lifestyle, but it was extremely limited by chronic pain. I had been treated by other chiropractors in the past-and would get relief-but it was only temporary. With Dr. Greaux’s unique scoliosis correction approach , I am healthier and stronger now than I was in my 30’s!

My children have been patients for years as well; and my 16 year old son recently completed a successful week at the scoliosis boot camp. We are extremely grateful for Dr. Alex and his amazing  brain! :)

Lisa L.

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