The best alternative to back operation

This is the best treatment and alternative to a back operation for scoliosis I’ve ever come across. I have had scoliosis since childhood, and noticed that as I’ve aged the scoliosis pain had become acute. So painful that after using my right arm for a few hours during routine household chores and painting at my easel that I had to lie down on my bed or lie in a bath of hot water to try and ease the pain. Many times I would burst into tears because the pain was so powerful. I found this wonderful clinic by pure chance on the web, while searching for relief during a painful episode – or maybe not by chance – I’m thankful everyday for the wonderful and caring staff I encounter there during every visit. I wish this had been available when I was little. I’m more than happy with the results. And no more pain! Thank you for being there


Dr. Alex and his staff are truly amazing. My son has been a patient here for almost two years. If you are hesitant to start treatment for your child….DON’T! Dr. Alex has really invested time in my son’s treatment. He is even making special equipment for him, since what he needs isn’t currently on the market. We have recently returned from a Summer Boot Camp and Kaleb’s curve went from 41 degrees to 31 degrees in one week. We are blessed to have found this clinic.

Scoliosis Virtuoso

I’m impressed with Doctor Greaux and his experience with Scoliosis. Most Chiropractors are passionate about health and well being, but to get the CLEAR training to treat and educate his patients is an honest dedication to natural health. I’m so happy and grateful we found him!